It’s Killing Me

It’s killing me
Seeing them together
So happy
Not paying one mind to the girl
In the corner alone
Crying softly wanting to be
Included, loved
But no one cares
No one see’s broken
Only cared for when someone wants something
Nobody ever wants anything
One day it will be to late
She will be gone and people will pretend
They were her best friend and miss her dearly
But in truth they’ve never even talked before
Shame on them.

My Own Personal Hades

Life is a battleground
Everywhere around me I witness people
Scumbening to deaths cold embrace
Crying, screaming, fights all around me
After awhile they blur together becoming
Unrecognizable and they start sounding the same
Enemies amend friends, it becomes so I can’t
Tell which us which
No matter what you have to take simple pleasures
Because on a battlefield those are the only pleasures
You’ll get without risking your life
Some people join, I was forced
And yet it seems I’m suited to this lifestyle
The only gaurentee the here and now
Because tomorrow you die in the blink of
An eye, a second in time, so unimportant you
Won’t be missed except for by your family
Pressure all around to become a general, a
Leader, a strive to be bigger and better
On all sides I’m boxed, forced to move forward
This won’t stop till I’m dead or free
Free to be who I want and do what I please
Never shall I brake free from this oppressive war
Life is a battleground